Is it possible to find cell phone records?

Home phones are becoming a thing of the past as cell phones replace more and more household phones.  Cell phone companies are offering competitive rates for long distance plans, and texting has become so popular that regular home phones do not have as much to offer their customers as they once did.

As home phones become less and less common, so do phone books.  Where you were once able to find any business or residence number in a phone book, now many are no longer being listed.  As individuals and businesses transfer their work and personal phone numbers to cell phones, it becomes more difficult to find a number or address you may be looking for.

Similarly, because individuals and businesses have transferred their phone services to cell phones it may be more difficult to find their phone records.  For all of these cases, there are services to help locate phone numbers, addresses and phone records.

To find cell phone numbers you can use online services like cell phone number search or an online cell phone directory.  If you miss a call or have a phone number but don’t know who it belongs to, you can also use reverse number directory.  To find unlisted business numbers you can simply call 411 and they will help you locate the number or address, and will even put you through directly so you don’t have to hang up and dial another number.

Finding cell phone records is also possible online.  You may be wanting to find phone records for various reasons, including:

1. You have children or other immediate family and you want to keep track of the time spent on the phones, who they are speaking with or texting with for safety or billing reasons.  You can do this by:

*Having a family plan with one company and requesting that you get the phone records sent to you
*Set up an account online to keep track of your family’s cell phone records

2. Phone Records For A Court Case

*You can ask your lawyer to subpoena the phone records.

3. There is a missing person and you want their last phone records.  To do this:

*Call the phone company and explain the situation.  You may need to contact Police for assistance.

4.  Use a Phone Record Service

*You can pay a company to look up cell phone records online.  You can use services such as:

5. You want to get phone records privately

*You can hire a private detective to find phone records and deleted text messages

As you can see, phone records are not private as you may have thought.  For a price, most anyone can have access to your cell phone records.  The Police may also purchase your cell phone records to verify facts or find information.   At this time, looking up or locating another person’s cell phone records is not illegal, so if you want to use the services available online you can.

Remember, all of your cell phone records can be found for a fee, so wait to discuss your private and personal matters until you are face-to-face with the person you want to share them with!

Reverse Cell Phone Lookup in USA

Have you ever missed a phone call and wondered who it was, but the number didn’t show up on your caller ID?  Or have you wanted to find a phone number but it is not listed in the phone book, or online?  These are the ideal situations to use reverse cell phone lookup.  Some other reasons you may want to find a cell phone number are:

*To track down prank callers
*To find a friend or loved one
*To report telemarketers
*To find sex offenders

In the USA cell phone companies have legal restrictions for distributing phone number and address information publicly (to prevent stalking etc) however for a fee you can use various reverse cell phone companies to find the information you are interested in.  If you do not wish to pay a fee you can first try searching through free online resources such as public whitepages, search engines, social networks or name databases, however because these are public sites the information may not be accurate.

If you are willing to pay for reverse cell phone lookup services, you will be able to find:

*phone numbers
*phone records

You can even find unlisted phone numbers here:

Many paid companies will offer basic information for free such as location or cell phone provider of the call or name, however the owner information and cell phone number is not free.  To do a full cell phone reverse look-up you will need to find a trusted company, but beware. Some companies that are not legitimate, or they will sometimes cause your computer to get a virus, so make sure to read the disclosures and fine print of all websites and only pay for the services if you are 100% confident on their legitimacy.  A great, safe choice is:


This company and companies like this invest a lot of time and financial resources in compiling mobile phone numbers into huge data sets by using both private and public sources, as well as major cell phone carrier restricted databases, so they have the greatest amount of resources to fill your requests.

Another great choice is:


Here they offer:

*Reverse Cell Phone Lookups
*Reverse Fax Lookups
*Reverse Address Lookups
*Reverse Pay Phone Lookups
*Reverse Name Lookups
*Where Did They Move? (Find information about a friend or family member who has moved or re-located)
*Email Lookup
*Criminal Database Search

Now that you see how easy it is to find someone using reverse cell phone lookup,  you may want to learn more about how to protect your privacy online or on your cell phone.  Remember that for a price, almost everything you do can be traced, so keep your personal discussions online or on your phone to a minimum and instead wait until you can speak with someone face-to face.

While police and emergency services will always have access to your records, you can protect yourself from the average joe tapping into your information using the features your phone offers, for example,  if you have a smart phone:

*Make sure to not have the Bluetooth feature on at all times, as this allows your phone to share information with other phones
*Create a password on your phone
*Permanently delete any information you do not want anyone else to see (emails/texts/phone calls)

Reverse cell phone lookups in the USA is a great tool to use if you are wanting to find out who called you or if you are wanting to find an old friend.  Remember to do your research about the company before you spend any money, and make your cell phone safe by being aware.